Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation

Know what makes the EV experience even better? The freedom of filling up at home—fast.

Bill Mullen Electric EV charger installation services make getting EV Chargine at home the easiest, quickest, most convenient way possible—with a Level 2 charging station. Simply plug in before bed and wake up to a fully charged EV, ready for any adventure you can dream up.

We make your charger installation just as convenient—and you can rest easy knowing our certified installers will do the job right.

How does it work?

3 Steps to get a quick estimate. 

  1. Fill out the form below with as much information as you have.
  2. Answer some questions and upload a few photos.
  3. We will shoot you back pricing information.

It takes only 5-10 minutes, and you can decide whether to move forward at your convenience.

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