Do you suspect an outdated electrical panel in your home?
Allow us to evaluate your electrical system. If we find you need an upgrade, we can have our licensed, dependable professionals work in getting you more effective and safe power.

Why Upgrade?

Nowadays, electrical systems have more complicated wiring due to advances in technology and modern appliances. Severe damage and issues can arise when the wiring setup is outdated or just not wired correctly. Here are some of the problems you might run into:

  • Your system could become overloaded
  • Issues can cause damage to your appliances or equipment
  • You can end up with weakened power to your outlets and lights
  • Electrical system could create an unsafe environment

There will be signs of failure letting you know that your panel needs an upgrade. You might see flickering lights or lights might have less brightness when you use an appliance or your circuit breakers might keep shutting down. An upgrade might include switching the circuit breaker box and meter, so that your home’s entire electrical system works properly. Electrical panels are one of the most important parts of your home but can be dangerous and should be inspected with care.

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