Light Bulbs
Dust clean bulbs to get more light and replace incandescent bulbs with Energy Star certified LEDs. They use 70-90% less energy and last much longer.

AC Filter Change
Changing air filters every 2-3 months is a good idea. It will improve air quality and make sure your system isn’t wasting energy.

Caulk Air Leaks
Caulk and seal any open air leaks, especially around windows. Doing this will ensure your cool air or heating stays in the house. You can  also replace  storm windows with screens to provide natural cooling.

Behind the Fridge
Remember to clean behind the refrigerator. Dust buildup causes the fridge to run less efficiently and can force the fridge to work harder to keep things cold.

Inspect Sliding Doors
If your home has sliding glass doors, get all the grit and grime out of the tracks. The build up can can ruin the door’s seal and create gaps where  heat or cold air can escape.

Reset Smart Thermostats
Programmable thermostats are great tools for saving energy and money. With changing temperatures, it’s best to adjust your thermostat  preferences.

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