Financing Designed For Uncertain Times

Times of uncertainty are  rough physically and financially, so what do you do when you do need emergency electrical repairs or maybe just  want to move forward with that dream electrical project sitting on the back burner.

We’re here to help.  We’ve partnered with GreenSky to offer special limited time  financing plans that are a real lifeline and  truly amazing offers.

No Interest/No Payments/NO ACCRUED INTEREST!

From now until June 1st, GreenSky is offering special financing packages in response to Covid19.  For this limited time, no matter what plan you choose there is NO Accrued Interest.  Simply put, if after your choice of a 6 or 12 month promotional period, you have not paid the balance in full, no accrued interest is added to the balance, as is the case with traditional financing.  Finances still tight after that 6/12 month program?  Whatever balance you have left over is then billed monthly at an interest rate of 9.99% until paid.  For the 6 month plan you can stretch your payments from 7 to 126 months and the 12 month can range from 13 to 132 months.  As a rule of thumb payments can be as low as $13.21 for every $1,000.00 financed.  It really doesn’t get better than that.

Let’s Take A Look

6 months 0% interest promotional plan

12 months 0% interest promotional plan

Applying Is Simple

It couldn’t be simpler.  Call us at 484-716-1177 to book a consultation for your job or ask a question about these specials.  Even if you won’t be ready for the work for awhile our technician can quote your job and pre-qualify you for your selected option that will lock in this special rate (your approval is good for 6 months from the date approved).  This is a really easy and speedy process.  Only a couple of simple questions to answer and an approval in under 10 minutes.

Call us today and lets explore those options!