House Rewiring Without The Mess

Are the thoughts of “one big time consuming  re-wiring mess”   holding you back from scheduling that house re-wire or knob and tube project?   If so you’re not alone.  We not only think about it . . . we do something about it too!  In fact, this is our special area of expertise.  We manage “the mess”, get you up to code, and give each and every re-wire project  the “Bill Mullen White Glove” touch.

What does that look like?  Read on and you’ll see.

Your Staff

Your on-site staff will consist of a crew of  insured and experienced electricians.  Our team approach allows us to complete your project properly and efficiently which means less disruption for you.  We’ll give you the expected job duration, set the finish date and then meet that date or finish up before!

Your Support

In addition to your on-site crew you will receive support from our office should any quality or scheduling issues arise.  We’ll proactively reach out to you and do site check ins to hear how we are doing during the course of your job.  No unhappy surprises, no frustration.

Your White Glove Touches

We protect your flooring with drop cloths, and then go the extra step of protecting your furniture and  electronics with plastic sheeting.

And yes, we will need to drill holes, but typically this is what you will see.

Less intrusion into the walls, very little dust.

Our goal is to take the time to create  small holes only, but depending on your home, if we need to move outlets, it may look like this.

However, it will then look like this

Next we spackle and sand which only leaves  you with a small paint touch-up.

Our Promise

Our goal each and every job is to delight you with the quality of workmanship, great communication and the time it takes to get you in electrical “tip-top” shape.

Still Have Questions?  We’ve Got Answers!

Donna & The Bill Mullen Team