How HVAC UV Lights Improve Your Home’s Air Quality


Sanitized Odor Free Air – The Modern Way

No matter how clean your home, mold and viruses can lurk unseen in heating systems and areas not easily spotted. Then add to the mix seasonal allergens, animal dander and VOC fumes emitted by cleaning products, carpeting and other synthetic materials.  Maybe you’ve chosen room air cleaners to take care of the job.  They will catch particulates  and odors but won’t do anything for the mold and viruses.

At Bill Mullen Electric we have the answer.  We have added HVAC UV Light protection to our product line.  A HVAC UV (ultraviolet) light does not merely cover odors, it destroys them along with the viruses, bacteria and mold spores.  The light is installed in the tower of your HVAC system and sanitizes the air as it passes through your system and out of your ducts.  The result is the cleanest and healthiest air you can imagine.  This is the same system used by health care facilities but on a pared down residential/small commercial scale.

No maintenance on your part required.  These bulbs will last about a year.  When it’s time to replace we’ll be out with your new bulb.

Installation Options

Option 1

HVAC UV Light Installation- $750

Option 2

HVAC UV Light Installation and Dedicated Circuit – $1100

Option 3

HVAC UV Light Installation with Dedicated Circuit & Whole House Surge Protector – $1500

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