Recessed Lighting is a Bright Idea! 

Let us install recessed lighting in your home or business!

Recessed lighting can be used to illuminate an entire room, accent chosen features within a room, highlight textured surfaces for visual drama, and/or direct functional light toward specific areas where necessary.
Recessed trims not only determine how your fixture looks from below but also how your light shines. A trim’s color can have a big impact on its output of the light. Dark colored trims absorb light and can result in as much as a 44% loss in light output.
  • Baffle Trims are the most common trims used in residential homes. The lamp sits recessed inside the trim to minimize glare, and the inside surface is ribbed to trap and shape the light.
  • Reflector Trims are similar to baffle trims except they have a smooth surface inside.
  • Open Trims are low profile and economical. They fit tight around the lamp which sits flush with the ceiling.
  • Eyeball  Trims allow you to control the direction of the light. Their range of motion is typically 30° tilt and 359° rotation.
  • Lensed Trims have a plastic or glass lens that covers the lamp and are most often used in wet locations.
  • Wall Wash Trims have an eyelid which eliminates the “scallop” design typically created when a light is aimed directly at a 


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